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Happy Saturday!  (I love the weekends.)  I just wanted to "piggyback" on my previous post and share some pictures of beautifully inviting classroom library spaces for children.  I'm currently serving as an instructional coach in my school, so none of these pictures are from my own classroom, although most of the pieces of furniture in my home library (previous post) used to be in my classroom library.  It was my favorite part of the room and so cozy.  I really wanted it to be a place children would be drawn to, full of pillows, puppets, big books, poem and song charts, children's magazines, cushions, plants, stuffed animals to read to, and labeled book bins organized by our favorite authors, characters, and topics.  I recently started collecting "pins" of classroom libraries on my Pinterest page.  If you've been thinking about recreating or renovating your library space, you may find some inspiration in some of these photos and ideas from great classroom teachers.  I've shared a few in this post, but you can find more on my Pinterest page on the "Library Spaces for Kids" board... it looks like this:

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Here are some photos of spaces I think are so inviting... even the ceilings have been addressed.  When you visit my Pinterest page and click on the actual pin, it should take you to the original posting. I want to give credit where credit is due because these are the result of some really creative, passionate teachers.

The use of spice racks here is clever.  What a great way to display the covers of books.  I've also seen teachers attach plastic rain gutters to their walls and display the covers of books along the wall.  If your administrator will allow you to attach these to the wall, it's a great way to gain more book storage space, especially if your classroom is small or has limited floor space.  The spice racks and rain gutters are also a cheaper alternative to expensive shelving.  

All that being said, organized, labeled bins took up most of my library space.  The bins make it so easy for children to find books by their favorite authors or topics.  In my library, I labeled a large Rubbermaid tub "Return Bin" and "hired" two classroom librarians.  When my children shopped for new books for their book baskets, they would simply return their old books to the return bin and choose new books.  Only my two librarians were responsible for shelving the books.  This was a big help.  It gave the shoppers more time to shop for new books and limited shelving mistakes so books were where we expected them to be.  I highly recommend a "Return Bin."

If you're renovating and need labels for your bins, I have some available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  There are 158 labels organized by authors, topics, characters, genre, series, guided reading levels, and more.  Please know when they print out, they're about the size of small index cards.  Some people print them on adhesive paper to make stickers for their bins and some teachers print them on sturdy cardstock, laminate them, and attach them to baskets using ribbon or metal rings.  

Sample Labels

What are your ideas?...  If you have classroom library ideas or photos to share, write us back.  We'd love to hear from you.  Happy Saturday!  :)


  1. What a GREAT post. So many wonderful ideas for the library, with supplies to boot!! Sharing this one for my teacher friends. You are amazing!

  2. Thanks! I should post a picture of the character screen you made for my library... it's so cool. I'll put that up soon, just for fun. :)

  3. What an honor...I see that you posted a picture of my "Reading Railroad" in your inviting library section!!! My kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE our library area and I am glad that others can get ideas from it! Now I just need a better way to organize it!

  4. It's such a cute library. For those who haven't seen her blog, "Thriving Third Graders," the Reading Railroad library fits in with an over game theme for her classroom. (Look how she even has the little guy from the Monopoly game as her blog icon... super cute!)

    Thanks for sharing photos of your classroom with everyone. Happy Sunday!

  5. http://pinterest.com/ldruart/from-mrs-d-s-classroom/

    Some library photos on my classroom board.

    Love your blog! Thank you!


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