Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and really enjoyed their time with family and friends.  I'm starting to get geared up to go back to school, but before I get busy with that, I wanted to finish up some courses I'm taking on social media.  (I'm not from a generation that grew up blogging, tweeting, and "friending" people, so I'm finding these classes very helpful.  I figured when my own mother was outpacing me in her tech savvy-ness, I better get professional help!)  :)

My homework after tonight's course was to start a Fan Page on Facebook and I've been challenged to get 25 "Likes."  If you're reading this, and you've got a few extra minutes, head over to my Facebook Fan Page, check it out (there's not much on there yet), and click "Like."  (I'll let you know if I get some sort of prize at my 25th "Like.")

Thanks for following what isn't much of a blog quite yet.  As soon as I get back to school on Monday, we'll get fired up.  Until then, I'm going to work hard at trying to do nothing.  You should, too.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Anticipating your engaging ideas!

  2. This is awesome Andrea! What a FABULOUS resource this will be for us (teachers). YAY! ...so excited!!! :-) Robin H.

    1. Hi Robin,

      Speaking of fabulous resources, we need to highlight some of yours on here, too. (This is my friend Robin... she's an AMAZING kindergarten teacher! You will love what she's doing.) I hope you had a great holiday. See you Monday! :)

  3. Ditto! :)

    My friends Trina and Alexis (Sergi Dralus) are "teaching BFFs" and incredible teachers. They started a blog last week, too, focused on creative content aligned to the new Common Core State Standards. You'll really enjoy their posts and their ideas for teaching creatively. Check them out at http://sergidralus.blogspot.com


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