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My "Other" Blog

The "Creating Readers and Writers" blog gives me a chance to talk with other teachers... that's what I love about having a professional (so to speak) blog.  "The Knight Times," however, is the blog I use for my first grade classroom.  It's a great way to stay in touch with parents and keep them informed of classroom events and important information.  It's early in the year, so I still have lots to do, but it will get there... little by little.  

Your Turn:
Do you have a classroom blog you use for communicating with parents? Let's share.  Send us a link.  :)


  1. I started one this year and have been having SO much fun with it. My students and families are really enjoying it too. Several of my students have family in Europe, so it's been nice that they can have a little peek into our classroom too. Our school uses Moodle which is very stark and also password protected, so it isn't as accessible to other family members aside from immediate family. Love the name of your blog! Here's mine: myfriendsinfirst.blogspot.com

  2. Mikaela,
    Your blog is adorable. I love how you used Smilebox to upload your class' video. I've used Smilebox in the past and forgot all about it, but I love it. Do you find that you can only post a few videos on your blog before there is no more space available?

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