Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

{A Fun Activity for Word Wall Review}

This is one of my students' favorite ways to practice their new (and old) word wall words.  Each week, I type their five new words (and five words already posted on the wall) and then flip them so they're reversed when printed.  Each card has a different symbol printed on the card.  (I'll explain why in a minute.)

Then, I hide the cards around the room.  The children work in pairs, one holding the "magic mirror" and one holding the recording sheet.  They roam around the room searching for the cards.  When they find one, the child with the mirror holds it up to the word so they discover the correct word hiding inside the mirror.  The recorder writes the word on the sheet next to the corresponding symbol.  Then, the partners switch materials and they work together to find another word card until all words are found, read, and recorded.

When, we're all finished, we use the lists for a little additional word-work. For example, we might circle the word that rhymes with man, highlight the word that starts with a vowel, underline the word that ends with /op/, etc.

Other variations I've used with this partner activity:

• Type the words in a very small font (such as size 3 or 4) and give each pair a magnifying glass to read the word on each card.

•  Take a letter out of each word before printing the cards, leaving a blank in place of the missing letter. As partners find the word cards, the recorder writes down the missing letter.

The item below contains 200 mix-and-match cards for activities like this one.
Click on the link underneath the picture to see more.  :)

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  1. Such great ideas. And the kids love it because it seems like a game!! You're so creative, just like your title indicates!


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