Einstein Hair

Earlier this year, we began our first science unit:  We Are Scientists!  We had a ton of fun learning about different scientists, what scientists do, what kinds of tools they use, etc.  As I was planning for this unit, my mother-in-law was busy searching local thrift shops for men's white button-up dress shirts... they are our "lab coats."  But I felt something was missing... something to pull the whole scientist "look" together.  I was watching a Brain-Pop video of Albert Einstein when his hair really caught my eye and that's when I got the idea for Einstein hair!  The kids had so much fun making and wearing their own Einstein hair.  All you need is a white strip (for a headband) and then several thinner white strips for his crazy hair.  Teach the children how to accordion-fold the strips so they look a little more wiry and then glue them onto the inside of the headband.  We wear our Einstein hair anytime we are doing our science investigations... it really sets a fun and spirited tone for the work!


  1. That's really clever. They look just like Einstein!!!

  2. Thank you. They had fun making them. :)