Our Narrative Writing Celebration

I'm a little late on sharing this, but at the end of the first quarter we celebrated the close of our first writing unit of study.  We studied narrative texts and wrote our own personal narratives, then chose our favorites, edited them, and painted pictures to support our stories.  We held our Authors' Tea out in the hallway where the students' stories were displayed and each writer shared their story aloud, using our magical "story reading stick" as a "microphone."  (I LOVE that first graders will believe anything for their teacher's sake.)  Cookies and juice and our favorite writing workshop song rounded out the celebration.  Click the link below for a free copy of our writing workshop song.  (We sing it at the beginning of writing workshop every day.)


  1. very cute! nice that you are able to have food at your celebrations.

  2. Hi Maggie,
    Are you not allowed to have food in your classroom? I'm restricted by allergies, but otherwise we can share food as long as it is store-bought, not homemade.


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