Santa Science

I don't know about you, but I often feel caught between two thoughts during the holiday season... make cute fun holiday crafts or continue planning with our standards in mind?  You know how it goes.  I love these science activities because they satisfy both.  We can have seasonal fun and incorporate our science instruction, too.  I found a way (here in Florida) to "make snow."  You can buy products online, but they're costly and you have to wait for them to be delivered.  So instead, why not plan your own science investigation and make snow from baby diapers?  The children have so much fun cutting apart the baby diaper and discovering the sandy substance inside.  (It really feels like sand.)  But... when you add water to the substance, it absorbs the liquid, wicks away the water, and feels cool and fluffy.  Add a little baby powder, if you like, and poof!  Snow!  (So to speak.)
I have 5 Santa-inspired science investigations in the pack below, all connected to primary science standards.  (That's one for each day of the last week of school.)

Which of Santa's cookies will float the longest?  Can you use your sense of smell to figure out what is hiding in Santa's chimneys?  Can you and your teammates build a structure strong enough to withstand a North Pole blizzard?  Check it out at the link below. 

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