Hard Hats for Hard Thinking

Just for fun... my first graders love wearing their hard hats when they're doing big thinking.  Each team keeps their hard hats on their team's shelves and we grab them when we're tackling something especially hard, like inferring big ideas or synthesizing information from a text.  {They also served double-duty one time when we were searching for rock and soil samples outside.  Even scientists have to protect their heads from hard work!}  :)

Wondering where to get them?  I found these at The Dollar Tree... just $1.00 each. Fun investment!


  1. They look so professional in their working hats!!!

  2. Love that idea of the hard hats!! Bet the kiddos LOVED it!!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. The hard hats are too cute. What a great idea!
    A Place Called Kindergarten


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