Small Group Instruction

I love small group guided reading instruction.  I learn so much about my readers during that time.  And I love how excited they get about reading with me.  If I'm off my schedule and running behind a day or two, they don't let me forget it... "Mrs. Knight, aren't you going to read with our group today?  I want to show you how the funny part sounds!"  Or, "I made a voice for the mean wolf.  Can I read it to you?"

One of my favorite parts of our time is planning for our guided writing activities.  They vary depending on the book or the skill we're focusing on, but it's a great way to practice comprehension and phonics skills in a differentiated, small-group setting.  It's so easy for kids to get lost in the whole-group... these small group moments are so valuable.  

We've run out of room in some of our books (each student has their own), so I snapped a few shots before I send them home.  If you like looking at samples, like I do, browse through these.  I have a few older posts showing other examples if you'd like to peek through there, too.    

I love using sticky notes to play with letter and sound combinations.  In this example, flew is one of the tricky words in the text about bats.  I knew my students didn't know the ew spelling pattern yet, so I frontloaded this lesson by playing around with that word and spelling pattern.  The sticky notes allow us to manipulate letters and sounds to make new words. 

Okay... I love Wikki-Stix.  Do you?  I use it everywhere in the classroom.  I especially love it when I wish I could write in a book, but I know I really can't.  In this example, I needed a visual cue to explain the meaning of the word enormous and to help the child remember the word when rereading the text.  By putting pieces of Wikki-Stix underneath the word and in the illustration from hand to hand, it helps the reader make that connection.

I'll post more pictures after I clean out a bit more.  :)


  1. Great post Andrea! Thanks for sharing all of your reading and writing tips. That was a great way to use Wiki Stix. I love them too!

    :) Shelley

    The Write Stuff Teaching

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love the post-it notes for word work!

  3. Thank you, Shelley and Tara. Have a great week! :)

  4. It look like you are using LLI in your classroom? I would love to see more as my school uses this program as well

    1. Hi Amy,

      We have been collecting leveled guided reading books from many different sources over the years (Rigby, Scholastic, The Wright Group, etc.), but these LLI books are my favorites. They tend to be just a bit more rigorous than leveled books we've had in the past, but they seem to better support the expectations in the Common Core Standards. We originally purchased them to use as intended... reading remediation only. But now, we have the take-home sets in all of the primary classrooms. They're sold separately and are much less expensive than the color texts. We feel they're really good quality and you can supplement a class library for about $300. Do you use the materials? Do you like them?

  5. Some great ideas! It made interesting reading!

  6. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it!
    Under the Alphabet Tree


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