Back-to-School Shopping

My kids, who are now 12 and 14, STILL love to go shopping for their school supplies. Everyone has a favorite.  My son... mechanical pencils.  My daughter... journals.  I do, too... don't you?  I love looking for supplies for my classroom and I'm a sucker for things that clip some things to other things.  I don't know why.  I just like clipping things together and tabbing other things.  So...

These new binder tabs are perfect for me.  The sturdy cardboard tabs are connected to the clip and you can write on them and then clip them to anything... files, pages of big books, calendars, bins, cups, cans, team caddies, anything.  

And look at these shaped sticky notes... one like a speech bubble and the other like a thought bubble. I can see many uses for these during reading time.  Kids could write what they're thinking about or what questions they have on a thought bubble while listening to a book and then keep them in their reading notebooks.  Or, even during math, when we're studying a graph (like how we all get home on the first day of school), we can write what kids notice inside the speech bubble shape and attach it to the graph as a record of our observations.  Love these!

I LOVE sticky-tak.  I actually don't know how teachers do without it.  (I panic when I haven't kept track and run out of it.)  Today, I saw it in packaged in tiny, pre-cut pieces.  Have these always been out there and I just didn't know?

Because this always happens to me (see cartoon, except switch curtains to scented markers and glitter glue), I'm sure I'll come across more to share soon.  I'm not sure we ever grow out of that fun feeling we get when looking for new school supplies... even when we're not the kid anymore.  :)


  1. I have been using that same brand of sticky-tak for the past 5 years. I noticed the pre-cut pieces at Walmart just this week. I think it must be something new (and exciting!)

  2. I bought those binder clips yesterday! I'm going to use them in my teacher binder! :) I might go back and buy the sticky notes, because you have a great idea with using them for observations and reflections!



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