My Summer Scrapbook

I'm not quite ready for school to start... are you?  We've had a crazy and fun summer. I can't believe how fast it went.  After living in Florida for more than 40 years, we decided to trade our beaches for mountains, moving a lifetime of "stuff" 700 miles north to the Carolinas.

"Good-bye" Beautiful Beaches of Florida

"Hello" Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina

We went from "neat and tidy" to chaos.  I wanted desperately to ignore the boxes, but I'm a smidge Type-A, so you know how that goes.  We were fully settled and ready in two days.  :)

From "Neat and Tidy"

To "Chaos"

You can't beat the weather in North Carolina, that's for sure, but I do miss my friends. They are awesome, though, and made the 12-hour drive up here to visit us in our new home.  {Thank you, Trina and Emily!}  So what did we do?  We crammed everything we could into these few short months. Thank goodness school is starting soon so we can rest and start saving money again.

Our kids miss the pool terribly, so we put a trampoline in the back yard.  It's actually the third one we've owned over the years.  A tornado took the first one out of our yard and dumped it in a nearby swamp.  And my husband "gave" the second one to the garbage men the day we moved.  When I bought the third one, he groaned.  It took 4 1/2 hours to assemble.  (Insert nervous laugh.)

I totally reorganized my entire collection of children's books.  There were books everywhere... the hallway, the dresser, the bedroom floor, the basement... but now they're all settled in some new bookshelves that my husband put together.  Again, more groaning.  :)

We went to Las Vegas for the first-ever TPT conference.  It was fun to see all the different hotels, but the best part was my friends and I met Deanna Jump and Emma Farrell and, in teacher-world, that's a really cool thing!

My daughter and I discovered "Charming Charlie."  What a fun store!

We went whitewater rafting with Trina and Emily on the Nantahala River... awesome! And, best part, nobody fell out of the raft!

We hiked up Mt. Pisgah, which is a climb of over 700 feet.  For this long-time flatlander, it brought tears to my eyes and pain to my thighs.  I'm going to have to work on this.  There are inclines everywhere around here!

And we ate our first flowers.  (I don't recall ever eating flowers in Florida.)

The Biltmore house is a really neat experience.  I highly recommend visiting it if you're ever in Asheville.  It's the largest private residence in America... it's crazy BIG! (Warning:  The food is expensive.  Hot dogs and pretzels for three teenagers... $40.00!  Hide a sandwich in your purse.)

I hope all of you had (or are still having) an amazing summer!  For those of you already back at work, have fun meeting all your new little friends... I hope it's a wonderful beginning!

Best Wishes!


  1. Andrea, I really enjoyed reading about your summer! What a wonderful scrapbook of photos and memories!

  2. You made many memories and friends in Florida in the years you were there. Now you can add new memories and friends to your circle near and far. I am so blessed to be a part of that.


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