Conferring Notes {A Freebie}

Over the years, I have tried many different ways to keep track of the notes I take when I'm conferring with children during reading and writing workshop.  I've tried sticky notes, index cards, flippy books, you name it.  But, in the end, a simple set of boxes on a piece of paper works best for me.  I keep a page for each student in my data binder and jot my notes in there.  I love how the boxes are big and empty so I can add in whatever I'm thinking at that moment... usually the title or topic, things I notice the student is doing well, and something I think could be an area for growth. The notes are a great source of ongoing, anecdotal assessment information and they come in really handy during parent conferences when I want to address how each child is progressing.

You can download these for FREE by clicking HERE or by clicking on each image below.

Happy teaching!  :)

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