Halloween Science: Part 4

Halloween Science, Part 4:  The Physical Properties of Candy Corn

This is a fun {and tasty} holiday science investigation for young scientists. What could be better than eating candy corn?

Crushing candy corn!  {And then eating it, too.}

If you are doing introductory lessons with your students, this simple investigation is easy and inexpensive to do during this week before Halloween. It focuses on the five senses as a way to explore objects and describe their physical properties. 

On the first page, the children explore the candy using all five senses and then write down their observations using descriptive words.  {If you are working on details during writing workshop, don't miss the opportunity to make a cross-curricular connection here.}

On page two, the smashing fun begins as the students change the physical shape of the candy corn.  They draw their observations and then use their five senses again to examine the candy corn, comparing the crushed pieces to the whole piece of candy.  They discuss and decide:

Do they feel the same?
Do they taste the same?
Do they look the same?
Do they smell the same?
Do they sound the same?

It's the simplest investigation in the Halloween Science pack and can even be done without these templates... just have students draw and record their observations in a science journal.

There's an investigation for each day of the week in my "Halloween Science" packet... click to see more.  

Have a great Halloween week!  

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