Elephant and Piggie Have Character!

Mo Willems has a new title in his Elephant and Piggie series (yay!): Waiting Is Not Easy!  These two characters are some of my favorites from children's literature and I have every single book in the set.  I Broke My Trunk might be my favorite because it reminds me of my friend Trina Dralus... I tend to tell super-long stories and she's like, "Get to the point, already."  We have identified with the characters in almost every title and the children do, too.  (They're actually GREAT for a character study.)

Anyway... here's a little teaser for the new book, Waiting Is Not Easy!

As usual, Piggie happily bounds in with some exciting news.  This time, she has some exciting news for Gerald... she has a SURPRISE!  (Gerald is super excited!) 

But Gerald doesn't want to wait and decides to have a fit.  (Does this sound like any child you know?)  (Maybe even a spouse??)  :)  

Well, the story keeps going (with Gerald trying to be persuasive and Piggie continuing with "Just wait...") until Gerald gets super grouchy and overreacts.  

So, what's the surprise?  You'll have to check out the book to see, but if you noticed the background of the pages getting darker over time, you can probably infer something pretty close.

These two characters are so different, they're the least likely to be such good friends, and that's why I love them so much.  They "get" each other and they're true to one another, no matter what.

If you're a primary teacher and you don't know these books, check out a few from your library.  They're perfect for emergent readers because each book is told through speech bubbles and they range from guided reading levels F-H, so they're awesome independent choices for first graders. Because of the speech bubble format, they're also perfect for partner readings and readers' theater... which are great for fluency (including expression of voice).  And, of course, the potential for character study is big for early primary grades (K-1).

To get started on integrating some Elephant and Piggie books into your reading instruction or a character unit, take a look at this resource.  It provides lesson ideas, high-level questions, student writing templates, readers' theater scripts, and more.

Happy Teaching!


  1. I love, love, love Mo Willems' books! How did I miss this one? His books are every teacher's dream! Thank you for sharing this Andrea!
    Write stories for Loose in the School change to in the store, at the park , in the library etc.

    1. Mo is our favorite! I think this title is great for the holidays, too... it's so hard for these little ones to wait! :)


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