A Crankenstein Valentine

Children's author Samantha Berger just came out with a new "Crankenstein" book for February, A Crankenstein Valentine.  See what happens to an ordinary kid on the yuckiest, most lovey-dovey day of the year... Valentine's Day!  Cheesy cards, smelly flowers, and heart-shaped everything?  It's enough to turn any kid into a Valentine monster!  Yuck!!! Until...

Crankenstein meets someone just like him... someone who gets him... someone who turns his sour day into a sweet one.  And we find out, even monsters have a heart.  :)

I think the boys in my class will love this story, especially since they think this is such a "girly" holiday.  Much of the book is written in speech bubbles and the main character repeats his dialogue often, so I know the kids will have fun joining in every time he snarls "Yechhhh!"

To extend the literacy learning around this book, I created a few response activities where students can practice thinking about:

• character traits
• text evidence
• how a character's feelings change over time, and why
• how the story might continue, creating a "Part 2" narrative
You can find it HERE.

Do you have a favorite Valentine's Day book recommendation?

Happy teaching!  :)

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