Book Talk Tuesday: MLK, Jr.

This was one of those just-in-time purchases during one of my rather-frequent trips to Barnes and Noble.  It came out in 2013, but this is the first time I noticed it... and I'm glad I did.  (Plus, it was the last copy on the shelf... good timing!)  

This MLK, Jr. book is unique because it's written by his son, Martin Luther King III.  He writes:

"There have been a lot of books written about my father, but not a whole lot has been written about my dad.  This book is about my daddy, what it was like to live with him, and how much I loved him."


I know the kids are going to love this very relatable, human side of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The illustrations help the children to see him as a dad, like their own, who loves his children... plays with them... hugs them... eats dinner with them.

And, during the story, we see how the children join their parents in marches and rallies to promote equality.

I definitely recommend this book.

You may have already seen this next book.  It's not as new, but it's beautiful.  The paintings done by Kadir Nelson are amazing and they illustrate some of the most famous parts from Dr. King's "I HAVE A DREAM" speech.

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