Holiday Science: Secret Valentines

Yesterday, I started sharing some of my favorite holiday science ideas for Valentine's Day.  If you missed the first one, you can see it HERE.  

Today's investigation is simple and fun, especially if your students have never done a crayon-resist project.  The children love it because they get to send sweet secret messages to their friends and (even better) they get to use paints to reveal the hidden message on each heart.  I don't know about your kids, but paint is like candy in my classroom... they love it! 

We use conversation candy hearts for inspiration and then work together to generate a list of simple phrases we can write on our own paper candy hearts.  I like this part because it's a great way to connect our shared writing time to science and provides a platform for talking about how friends share compliments and kind words with one another.

The directions, student recording sheets, anchor chart photos, and "How does that work?" science explanation sheet are all included in the Valentine Science pack. 

Because the student recording sheets are open-ended and allow children to respond in writing and in sketches, they're perfect for multiple primary grades and developmental levels.  You can see more HERE.

Happy teaching!  :)

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