Flipping Over the Presidents!

I love these informational flip books for President's Day, but (actually) you could use them during a unit of study on biographies or when teaching about research, too.  They connect really well to our study of nonfiction and give the children more practice with some of the text features they've been learning about, like timelines, captions, and fun facts.  Not only am I addressing expectations for social studies, but there's so much literacy learning going on... decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, inferring, comparing... love it!

And, BONUS, I don't have to pre-make anything.  Happy sigh.  Each page has a dotted line for cutting, so the books are simple for the children to assemble on their own.  Well, if they know how to use scissors... and if they don't, this is a good time to practice.


There's a book for George Washington and a book for Abraham Lincoln. Here's a sample of the pages for President Washington's flip book:

You can pick it up HERE if you need a little something extra to boost your lesson plans for President's Day or your biography unit.  

Happy teaching!  :)


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