Half-Time Surprise?

I love football... college football.

But the pros?  Eh.

I watch the Super Bowl because I don't want to be the only person at work the next day who didn't.  Mostly, I wait for cool commercials. Clydesdale horses tend to be my favorites.  Plus, isn't that what we talk about in the teacher lunchroom the next day anyway?  "Did you see that cute commercial about...?"  

And then there's the half-time show.  Usually entertaining on some level, although not typically who I would've chosen to perform if they had taken the time to ask me.  

FYI (in case you haven't heard)... Katy Perry is performing, apparently with lions and sharks, and she has promised a surprise "old school" female guest.  Any guesses on who it might be?

So, during the biggest game of the year, I:

• wait for good commercials
• eat Doritoes
• hope the entertainers have enough clothing on so my kids can watch it, too
• complain about how much money all these people are making
• and shop

If this is you too, and you need any teacher-stuff, this is a good time to save some money.  (I almost made a snarky comment about athletes' salaries, but I thought better of it.  No room for professional jealousy here.)

Head on over to TpT and see what's on sale this weekend.  I've marked everything down by 20%, with the exception of dollar items.  

Here's to a super Sunday!  And make sure you watch the half-time show so you can talk the talk during lunch on Monday.  Who will be the surprise performer? 

I'm guessing you can hardly wait.  :)

Happy teaching!


  1. You post made me crack up!!! Enjoy the commercials...I am also looking forward to the half time show. My daughter loves Katy, hope it is appropriate for a 5 year old! BTW I am heading to a mountain home next weekend in Heavens Point off I-40...is that close to you? Christina

    1. Is that near the Pisgah Forest in Brevard? That's about an hour south of me. What special things do you have planned? I bet there's great hiking around there. Of course, relaxing and doing nothing is always nice, too. Have fun! :)


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