Holiday Science: Cupid's Target Practice

This fun investigation is the last of the five in the Valentine Science pack. (You can read more about the other 4 activities in earlier blog posts from this week.)  This one plays on the idea of Cupid and the arrows he uses to help people fall in love.  Helping people fall in love is a pretty important job, right?  So Cupid probably has to do a little target practice now and then and that's the inspiration for this investigation.

There's a little bit of prep work for the activity, but it's minimal and a nice parent volunteer could do that for you.  Also, if your children don't know the story of Cupid, you'll want to share that so the "theme" of the investigation makes sense.  

Cupid's Target Practice provides a hands-on opportunity to talk about energy, force, motion, and air pressure.  Through multiple trials, students will learn how different amounts of air affect the balloon's speed and distance when moving along the fishing line.  And, if you have to time to extend the activity, you can set up racing lanes, challenging student teams to hit their "target" first.  It's a lot of fun!  

Teacher directions, student recording sheets, a science-explanation sheet, and photos are all included in the pack of investigations:

{Five Investigations, 54 Pages}

Happy teaching!  :)

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