Holiday Science: Valentine Floats

It's no secret I love science... and holiday science is extra special.  I'm not sure how far ahead you plan your lessons.  If you're like me, it's not consistent.  I'd love to have several weeks planned out at a time, but (honestly) it rarely happens.  Still, I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day... maybe you are, too.  So this week, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Valentine science investigations.  This first one, "Valentine Floats," is the yummiest and it's a great way to introduce or reinforce the three states of matter, solids, liquids, and gases.  

This investigation is included in my holiday pack, Valentine Science: 5 Lovely Science Investigations for Primary Students.  It includes:

• teacher notes and tips
• student recording sheets
• a "How does that work?" sheet, explaining the science concept
• anchor chart pieces to outline the steps and make the process more concrete

Each investigation prompts children to predict, observe, take notes, discuss results, and make connections while writing and drawing about their ideas.

Here are my two favorite ideas for using all five of the Valentine science investigations:

1.  Plan one investigation for each day of Valentine week.  The theme is fun and the activities are not only engaging, but encourage high-level thinking and deep reflection.

2.  OR, my favorite, plan a fun "Valentine Science Day" with your teaching teammates and do ALL 5 investigations on Valentine's Day!  Gather some parent volunteers to help out and set up 5 science investigation stations in different classrooms.  Set a schedule that works for your team and rotate the classes through each station.  So fun!

You can find this investigation and four others at this link... 

Happy teaching!  :)

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