St. Patrick's Day Science

Top o' the morning to ya!  :)

(Did you hear the accent there?)

If you're the type of teacher to plan way far ahead (the rest of us are jealous of you), take a look at these fun, hands-on science investigations for St. Patrick's Day.  There are five altogether, so there are a few different options to consider when planning your lessons:

• pick and choose your favorites to do or...

• do one a day during the whole week of St. Patrick's Day or...

• plan a "St. Patrick's Science Day" where different classrooms become different "Investigation Stations" for the children to rotate through... it's a great way to bring your whole team together for a day of smart holiday fun!

The packet includes:

• all five investigations
• teacher directions and tips
• student recording sheets
• 5 science-explanation sheets ("How did that work?")
• photos and anchor charts to use during the lessons

Discover the concepts of energy, force,
direction, and motion during this challenge:
Can you use wind energy to blow only the
marshmallows into the pot below?

Observe how some solids sink and float, and how
carbon dioxide can produce a gas inside a liquid.

Use your senses to identify different flavors of
candy in a blind taste test.  Yum!

Mix colors, see how water molecules move, and
learn how some solids absorb while others repel.

Observe how heat excites molecules and can cause
changes in the physical properties of a solid.

Here are a few sample pages from the investigations.  The student sheets provide an opportunity for the children to predict outcomes, collect data, record results, and share their ideas.  Because the prompts are open-ended and encourage both writing and drawing, they are developmentally appropriate for multiple ability levels within a single classroom.

Check it out... St. Patrick's Day Science!

Happy teaching!  :)


  1. thanks alot me and my friend might win the 5th grade since fair ��

  2. Just bought your file for my second graders... fingers crossed and a lucky leprechaun wink!


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