Ten Things I Love About You

This picture book by Daniel Kirk is perfect for a Valentine's Day read-aloud.  It's about two friends, Pig and Rabbit.  One day, Rabbit decides to make a list of ten things he loves about his friend, Pig. And even though Pig is sometimes impatient with his friend, Rabbit always seems to find a way to turn it around into a positive trait for his list.  Meanwhile, Pig is also making a list of the ten things he loves about Rabbit... surprise for Rabbit!

I like this book for obvious reasons, but also because the text is simple and color-coded, so it's a fun choice for a partner-reading where each child takes the part of one character.  The kids like putting voices to the characters and I like the fluency practice they're getting as they reread.

If you need a simple writing activity for Valentine's Day, you can download this FREEBIE in my TpT store.  It allows the kids to mimic what Pig and Rabbit were doing in the story and the finished writing makes a great gift for someone special in each child's family.

There are two versions.  One has fewer lines with larger spaces... just right for emerging writers.  The second version has tighter spaces and would work better for children who want to write a little more about their loved one.

Happy teaching!  :)


  1. There are so many things I love about you, they will not fit on this page.

  2. Are you buttering me up on the day before your birthday? ;)


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