Build-A-Word Books

Farm animals are so cute.  Although, I must admit, clip art farm animals smell WAY better than real ones.  Have you ever taken a field trip to a dairy farm?  

P. U.

I love this little Build-A-Word book about the farm.  It's the right level for kindergarteners or for first graders who need extra support in a small group setting.  As the kids work on making and reading their books, they are practicing:

• vocabulary  (animal names for beginning ELLs)
• phonemic awareness (segmenting, counting, & blending sounds)
• phonics  (matching letters to sounds)
• sight words
• reading fluency

The first three pages of the book are simple CVC words (pig, cat, dog). There is only one letter per sound on these pages.  For children who are struggling to stretch and count the number of sounds in a word, the empty boxes on each page are a visual clue as to the number of sounds they should be hearing.

The next page (with the frog) increases in difficulty by adding a fourth sound and the remaining pages are higher-level as they include animal names that have letter-combinations in them, such as /ow/, /ck/, and /sh/.  The wider box on these pages are another visual clue for the children.  For example, on the duck page, they should notice 3 boxes (because there are 3 sounds in the word), but one box is wider because two letters work together to make the final sound.

Once the children are done building the missing word on each page, they're ready to color, cut, and staple the pages together... no prep for you.

And, because this isn't my first rodeo, I know some kids are crazy cutters and their letters will go missing, never to be seen again.  So, I included an extra set in the download, just in case they need a spare.  I know you already know who'll need the extra set.  :)

You can find this little book HERE.  And if you like it, I also have a second one:  Who Lives in the Ocean?   

Happy teaching! :)


  1. Super cute! I love how the words are broken up into their sounds - a great visual. I'd love to see more of these!

    Paiges of Learning

  2. Thanks Paige. I have the farm and ocean copies, but I'd like to make a few for other habitats if I can find enough clip art to support the phonics I'm looking for. Like, I want to make one for the desert but my images include scorpions and lizards which don't really work in sound boxes. :)

  3. I love this!!! I really like how the kids glue not by letter but by phoneme! So smart :) With last week's events how about...Who lives in the snow? hehe

    I just scheduled a post on my FB page with a link to your **awesome** Pinterest boards...I am always there! Enjoy the weekend Andrea :)

    1. Haha... no kidding on the snow. We had 4 1/2 snow days this week. (My kids actually wanted to go back to school on Friday!) Thanks for the Pinterest shout-out! :)


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