My Sunny Spring Break

Spring break always seems to come when you need it the most.  But it doesn't last long enough, does it?  

I lived in Florida for more than 40 years and when you live in Florida you don't really understand "spring break."  Don't get me wrong... Floridians love spring break, but to us it's about "time."  Time off from school.  Time to sleep in.  Time to stay up late. Time to go to the beach... again.

But now that I've spent a year living in North Carolina, I have a new appreciation for spring break... one most of the country probably appreciates along with me.  And now I get it.

It's a break from the weather!

I've never been cold this many days in a row.  Yes, on random days in January, the temperature in Florida can reach the 40s, and it's true we're not prepared for it so we stay inside and huddle under blankets, but the next day will likely be back in the 70s and all's well with the world again. 

The weather in the mountains, however, is drastically different and I've worn my scarf more times in the past three months than I have in all the years I've owned it.  So this year, we planned to vacation in the place we just moved away from... yep, Florida.

Treasure Island Beach, Gulf Coast

We were so starved for heat, we made rookie-tourist mistakes and now all our skin is peeling off... just in time to go back to school.  That's attractive.  Oops.  But we had so much fun, we're forgiving ourselves for forgetting the sunscreen.

(This blog post has no educational message. I'm just going through my photos, remembering some of my favorite moments.)

Favorite Moment #1:  My sister Teresa came, too!

This was before we all became lobsters.  Always wear sunscreen!

Favorite Moment #2:  Sand Naps  

If you've never done this, it's one way to get really warm. 
It's like putting on a shirt that just came out of the dryer.

Favorite Moment #3:  Fishing and Boating

A sport fisherman in the making!

This wrecked barge sits in the shallows.  The little reef it has become is home to lots of fish.  The Sunshine Skyway bridge is in the background.  The history of this bridge is interesting... worth reading.

Favorite Moment #4:  Seeing Your Best Friends!

What's better than hanging out at your favorite pizza place with your best friends?

Favorite Moment #5:  The Sunset

Well, this was the best sunset shot I could get this trip.  Just before we were about to head to the beach, we experienced a small emergency (nobody was hurt), so... no beach sunset.  The sky is still beautiful, though.  Not much beats a sunset over the water. 

These pictures make me want to start my vacation all over again.

Maybe you've already had your spring break... maybe you've just packed and you're ready to start yours.  And maybe there is an educational message in this post.  Enjoy your time, collect favorite moments, and refresh, refresh, refresh.  That's a message that matters.  Spring break is a break... a vacation from the stuff you do day in and day out so you can recharge and restart.  I hope yours is (or was) amazing.  

And hey! ... DON'T forget your sunscreen.

Happy Spring!  :) 

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