Sweetheart Cakes for Mom

I love traditions.  Several years back, the first grade team at my school started a sweet (VERY sweet, as you can see) tradition for Mother's Day.  And it was all with the help of our favorite grocery store... Publix.  Every year, the lovely ladies from the bakery bring us more than 100 baked and boxed heart-shaped cakes for the kids to decorate for their mothers or guardians.

You can probably guess how exciting this is for the children!  Not only does each child get their own cake, but the bakers bring tubes of icing, bags of frosting, and candied embellishments so the kids can be as creative as they want.  The kids are in Heaven... and it smells like sugar.

Look at these cakes above.  I pray their moms like sugar!

I know Publix is only located in the southeast (U.S.), but you might check with your local grocery store or bakery to see if they'll do something similar with your children. It's such a fun event and the kids are so proud to take their own personalized sweetheart cake home to their mom.

What a love this little boy is.  His mom is one of our Publix bakers.  Can you tell he knows a thing or two about not over-decorating?  

Happy teaching!  :)


  1. This is an awesome idea!! How sweet! <3

  2. This is such a sweet (and fun) idea! Perfect to send home for Mother's Day weekend. Does Publix offer a discount or how do you go about funding the activity?

    1. Hey Christina :)

      The children pay for their own cake, so "Mom" knows a treat is coming home, but she doesn't know exactly what it is. (They taste really good ... well, if you can past all your kid's added decorations!) For children who don't have enough money, we ask our PTO to sponsor them.


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