5 Awesome Back-to-School Boards!

I know it's only June, but some of you are already out of school livin' it up and some of you are totally eager beavers and are already thinking about next year... right?  If you're like me, you have a bad habit (or maybe it's good, I don't know) of rethinking EVERYTHING before the current school year even ends.  Does any of this self-talk sound familiar?

• "This summer, I'm going to completely reorganize my guided reading area."

• "My classroom library could be cuter and more inviting."

• "Are these curtains a violation of the fire codes?"

• "I wonder if those pom-pom trees I saw on Pinterest are hard to make."

• "I really need some new activities for the first week of school." 

Pinterest (thank goodness for Pinterest) is a teacher's treasure trove of ideas.  If you're looking for ANYTHING new and inspirational to help you prepare and get motivated for the upcoming school year, you're bound to find it on Pinterest.  Just use their search tool to discover tons of new ideas.  These are my TOP 5 "Back-to-School" Pinterest boards:

This board, Library Spaces for Kids, is a favorite among my Pinterest followers.  It is loaded with pictures and links to dozens and dozens of classroom (and home) libraries for children. They are cozy and inviting and inspiring to young readers. You'll find great tips for not only redesigning your library space, but organizing it as well.  

If you're ready to re-imagine your classroom, you'll find great photos and ideas on this board, Comfy, Cozy Classrooms.  It's similar to the board above, but it's focused on the general classroom space and not specifically the children's library.  The pins on this board are intended to help you create inviting, comfortable, home-like settings for children with cozy furniture arrangements, lamps, no-sew window treatments, and more.

Oh my gosh... who does not want to be more organized?  I'm usually pretty good at this.  I know this because I've been in some teachers' classrooms that you'd swear had seen a mini tornado whip through.  I'm talking years and years of "stuff" just piled and thrown onto shelves, into cabinets, behind bookcases, in closets, sometimes even the floor... you probably know this teacher.  (Do her a favor and share this Pinterest board with her.)  And even though I'm pretty organized, I always think it could be better.  This board, Classroom Organization, includes clever tips and strategies for making your classroom function a little better for you.  (Your super-messy teacher-friend may need a stronger intervention than this, though.)

Wondering what to do with a kid who needs to fidget?  Do your groups need to work on teambuilding skills?  Need to help teach kids what perseverance means?  Ready to rethink your discipline plan?  This board, Classroom Management, has several ideas for helping you effectively negotiate and manage student behavior to keep your classroom running smoothly.  (As smoothly as possible, I should say.)  

Ok, speaking of organization (and in the interest of being honest), this board is a little like my "junk drawer," although it's not junk.  It's just the place where I keep every other back-to-school idea.  So, in that way, it's a smidge more random, but it's loaded with LOTS of great ideas to help you get ready for the school year, including tips for Open House, the first week of school, icebreaker activities, and more.  You can check it out at this link, Back-to-School Ideas.  

Happy teaching!  :)


  1. I LOVE this! but, I love all of your boards!

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