Building Vocabulary: Game On!

I'm a geek for "Game Night."  If you've read earlier posts, you know I collect children's books... it's a pretty big collection.  And I'm guessing second to that collection is my stash of board games.  There are quite a few.  Actually, they fill an entire armoire.  

One of the occupational hazards of being a teacher is that you tend to look at everything with a teachery-eye.  You know what I mean?  It drives other people, non-teachers, nuts.  But I can't really help it.  So when I play these games, I'm thinking, "Oh this would help my students get better at __________."  (Fill in the blank.)

I just put together a little video of my favorite board games that help children exercise their vocabulary muscles.  Come check it out... you may even have some of these games at home already.

{Click on the picture for link.  Video time 10:43.}

Happy teaching!  :)


  1. Fun games are GREAT learning tools!!

  2. Andrea!!!!! You are awesome!! What a great resource. I love the idea of games, I can totally see the ripple effect, kids will go home BEGGING to play games! You have inspired me and I am going to get Taboo for my classroom. Not sure if this was your 1st video, you did a great job. :) (PS I am not a fan of workbook pages either!)

    1. Thanks, Christina! Taboo is so fun... you can even make your own. Sometimes, when I finish a unit, I make a simple Taboo game using index cards. For example... if we just finished a unit on maps and globes, I'll make cards with target words like map, globe, street, legend, compass rose, etc. and fill each index card with 3 words the students CAN'T say. Once they get good at playing Taboo, they can even begin making the game cards. It's interesting to see what 3 words they put on each card!! :)


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