Science "Matters"

Science matters, yes.  And so do the states of matter.  I just finished putting together a science set focused on teaching young children about the  different states of matter.  It's super engaging because it's hands-on and many of the investigations include food... and food is ALWAYS a hook! (Except for this one time... *many years ago... when we made homemade applesauce in class and this one child would NOT even try it.  We actually got into a small fight about it.  I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I'm much more mature now.)

*Emphasis on many.

Did you know you can make ice cream in a bag?  It's one of those things you see on the Internet and doubt.  But it's real.  It works. And it tastes good, too.  This investigation, Baggie Ice Cream, is a fun, kinesthetic way to teach children the science concept that states of matter can be changed by cold temperatures. And depending on the age of your students, you can even dig a little deeper as you explain why salt is needed to make ice cream. (The explanation is included in the packet... don't worry.)

And root beer floats are a treat with all three states of matter... a solid, a liquid, and a gas.  The recording sheets for this investigation are inside the root beer float cover and the patterns for making it are included in the set.  Make butter, freeze some popsicles, pop some popcorn, and do a little cupcake magic.  The packet is loaded with several investigations, anchor charts, student printables, assessments, games, and extension activities for writing.  Take a look!

I also have a States of Matter board on my Pinterest Page.  It has really cool ideas and kid-friendly videos on it.  You can "Follow" the board to see new ideas and activities that I pin to it as I find them.  

Thanks for reading... happy teaching!  :)


  1. I bought the package but the bubbles, balloons, and matter experiment is not included like it shows here. Please send it to me as soon as possible at Thank you!!!

    1. The bubbles and balloons are extra ideas that are explained in the packet. There are no recording sheets for these, as they are just additional ideas.


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