My Character Quilt

(Please note:  This quilt is not for sale.  It was a one-time gift from my mother.)

Oh my gosh... can you believe how cute this is?  My mom (who is a sewing genius) made this quilt for me.  It includes so many of my favorite characters from children's literature... old and new.  Do you recognize most of them?  Which one is your favorite?

The first square on the quilt is special to me.  Do you know it?  They're the sweet characters from my favorite childhood book, Are You My Mother?  My mom read it over and over (and over and over) to me when I was little.  I still remember the part where the big "SNORT" lifts the terrified baby bird back into its mother's nest.  

Take a look at some of the other squares.  Aren't they incredible?  Scaredy Squirrel is my mom's favorite.  He's a slightly neurotic germophobe who reminds her of my dad.      

Big Bark from The Fuzz Frenzy

What kid doesn't love Joy Cowley's Mrs. Wishy Washy?

Mo Willems is my all-time favorite children's author.  Knuffle Bunny was my favorite book until I discovered the Elephant & Piggie series.

To know this is made from small pieces of fabric blows my mind!

This Elephant & Piggie scene reminds me of my best friend, Trina.  She thinks my stories are too long... just like Gerald's.  (I picked this one for you, Trina!)

This scene is from a really cool book called The Day the Babies Crawled Away by Peggy Rathman.  The illustrations are done in shadows... it's really neat and this is one of the best squares on the whole quilt... such detail.

Does anyone know who this is???

I'm in love with this quilt!  I think I'll go snuggle up now.

Happy reading!


  1. A little disclaimer: If you're like me, you want one, but please know this quilt was a gift, celebrating my love for books. My mom can't make and sell these due to copyright laws.

  2. That little guy is Amanda's alligator...another Mo Willems character:) That quilt is amazing and you're right...I DO want one:)
    Stacie Cleary

  3. It was one of the most interesting quilts I've ever made. Such variety, and such hysterical, unique characters by children's authors. I learned a few new lessons too! Snuggle up and dream of books!!

  4. Amanda's Alligator!

    That quilt is SO amazing!

  5. Priceless! What an amazing, beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. thank you so much for this good informations !


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