Celebrating the New Year!

Ringing in the new year isn't just a celebration for adults, but it can be hard to find age-appropriate ideas for helping children enjoy the festivities, too.  So I've been on Pinterest this morning, looking for fun, family-friendly ways to include kids in the excitement of welcoming in a brand new year... and there are some AMAZING ideas out there from really creative bloggers.  (Honestly, how can you not love Pinterest?  It's such a great way for people to share ideas with each other... and thank goodness for that!)

I collected dozens of ideas on my Pinterest board, Happy New Year.  You can look through them here, but scroll down to see some of my favorites. They'd work well in your home with your own children and in your classroom with your students when you return in January.

(From The 36th Avenue)

(From Sugar Aunts)

(From Pink Stripey Socks)

(From Smashed Peas and Carrots)

(From Plastiquem)

Happy planning!  :)


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