I Made This!

So last year, I started a scarf (my first ever scarf), but I chose a wool yarn (against my mother's advice) and it turned out as stiff as a board.  I couldn't get it to "fling" around my neck like a real scarf should, so I abandoned it and decided I was a bad crochet-er.  

(If you've been following my blog for more than a year, you know about the scarf.)

I thought I would be a master scarf-maker.  Instead, I just made something really hard out of something really soft.  

And I quit.

And then pouted about it a little.

But this year, when the temperature dipped below 30 and I started thinking about scarves again, I remembered something my teacher-self has said more than a hundred times to little chubby-cheeked faces: Winners never quit and quitters never win.  (You've said it, too.)

You know you're a mess when you start needing your own teacher-advice. So I went back to the craft store (embracing my mom's guidance this time) and bought a better yarn.  And LOOK at what I made!!!  I know I'm being a dork, but I can't believe I actually made this and it works the way it's supposed to.  It "flings."  And it's warm.  And it hasn't fallen apart yet. My daughter even wants one... and she's a teenager, so it's at least cool on some level, right?

What does this have to do with teaching?  Nothing, I guess.

I just wanted you to know I made this!  :)  


  1. It is beautiful!! Now, where's mine? (in green)


    1. Green? You seem more like a purple girl to me. :)

      Pick out your yarn and I'll gladly make you one. I owe you about 200 for all the hours you've spent quilting for me over the years!!


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