Memoirs of an Elf

Oh my goodness... how did I miss this book last year?!?  It's almost too late for this year (school is out tomorrow), but if you have kids of your own at home you could read it with them.  I don't have it yet, but if it's anything like Memoirs of a Goldfish and Memoirs of a Hamster, which my students and I LOVED, I know it'll be a favorite of mine.

This elf texts Santa and snaps "elfies" to chronicle his adventures.  If you have a classroom Elf-on-the-Shelf, think of all the possibilities you can have connecting back to this book!  How fun would it be to have your elf snapping "elfies" of himself at night while the kids are home?  You could use the photos to inspire a daily whole-class writing project:  Diary of a Classroom Elf.  Use it as a modeled (or share-the-pen) writing activity each morning... collaborate on a diary entry for each photo and then bind all the pages into one big book at the end to share in the classroom library.  What a great (and educational) way to remember all the Christmas fun!

Here's an editorial review from Publishers Weekly:
Publishers Weekly
Scillian and Bowers return to the format they introduced in Memoirs of a Goldfish, delivering a tech-savvy elf’s by-the-minute chronicle of Santa’s Christmas Eve journey around the world, which involves texting with Santa (“Time to fly, big guy!”) and snapping multiple “elfies” to commemorate the occasion. Bowers’s high-energy illustrations show the sleigh soaring above snow-covered neighborhood, as well as scenes of a rather dotty, dilly-dallying Santa: “Starting to worry about falling behind,” reports the elf. “Santa always wants to stop and pet every dog.” A canine stowaway presents an amusing quandary and a light message about the meaning of the holiday. It’s a lighthearted diversion with a few modern twists for readers who wonder if Santa uses GPS.

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