Texting About Texts

I wasn't actually looking for these cool sticky notes... they found me while I was aimlessly walking around Target looking for brass paper fasteners... which I never found, by the way.  (Why aren't things where they would make sense to be?  Some grocery stores are like that, too. Like the other day, in a store I don't usually go to, I finally found macaroni and cheese over by the applesauce instead of on the aisle clearly marked "Pasta."  What?)

So I bought the sticky notes, since I was saving money on the brass paper fasteners, and I thought they'd be really neat for written partner conversations about texts. Instead of sending a text message to someone, why don't we share messages with each other about a text?

The only problem is, they're sticky-note-size and that's not really big enough for big ideas.  Big ideas need big spaces (especially when little kids make big letters).  So I made some open-ended conversation templates... texting style! There's a variety of templates in the set. Some have 4 bubbles, some have 6. Some are lined, some are unlined.  Some even have a conversation starter in the first bubble to help get the ball rolling, if needed.  And  then I realized they aren't just for reading. Kids could have back-and-forth conversations about any subject area, including science and math.


I'd love to give TEN of these away!  Be one of the first ten readers to respond to this question in a comment below and I'll send you the set, Real Text Messages. Make sure you leave me your email address so I know where to send it.  Here's the question:

Who's the one person you text the most often?

Happy teaching!  :)


  1. My best friend Jill. We're fortunate to work together but as teachers we never get to see or talk to each other because teaching responsibilities go late into the night so we text everything all day long!

    1. Thank you, Laura! Don't forget to leave me your email address so I know where to send them. :)

    2. laboni32.lb@gmail.com
      Thanks! I'm super excited to use these!

  2. These are a great literacy center! :) you are so smart Andrea!

  3. Andrea, you're amazing! These look so fun! I think they would be a great addition to any center!
    I'm always texting my husband.
    Love your posts!

  4. I love this idea! Really fun & motivating for kids, but covers meaningful skills. Thanks so much!
    Lisa Davis

  5. What?!?!! These are so cool. You are so creative!


  6. I think I have sent it to everyone, except Laura... don't forget to leave your email address and I'll send it to you right away. Please let me know if you don't receive it. Happy holidays!! :)

  7. These are so cool! I text my mom the most since we're in different time zones. I hope I make it in for the 10 comments because I'm already thinking how I can use these in class: ninobegay@yahoo.com

  8. I text my sister more often than anyone else. I know my students would love these because they love to write messages to one another. kellyapulham@gmail.com


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