Open-Ended Flip Books

Flip books are popular.  I've made flip books about activists, presidents, mothers, even groundhogs. (Speaking of which, I'm so ready for spring.) I've also seen flip books for specific book titles, but sometimes you need a template for a different book.  And that's when it happened... an idea for blank flip books... templates I could use with any book... fiction or nonfiction... and open-ended so the work is differentiated.

The flip book templates are standards-based and provide multiple opportunities for children to:

• read closely and think deeply about text
• comprehend complex ideas and brainstorm new ones
• develop written responses
• share their opinions with clarity and support
• express some of their thoughts through art

You can even mix-and-match the templates as long as you switch pages of the same length.  (Otherwise you'll be covering up one of the flaps.)

Fiction Samples


I love how the children can express themselves individually through these templates.  They're great for reading workshop, small group instruction, informal assessments, or even as homework activities.  You can see more about the templates here.

I'd love to send a free set to the first five who leave a comment below. Don't forget to leave me your email address so I know where to send the file.

Happy teaching!  :)

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