Mother's Day SPA Science!

Just when you thought I couldn't connect one more holiday to science... 

Mother's Day is just a few short weeks away.  It's time to make flowers from hand prints and little cards with pictures of mom (that in no way reflect how she really looks).  My own children used to draw me with the most ridiculous bangs and a circle tummy.  They drew other people with rectangle bodies, but not me... circle tummy.  Funny how a card like that can send you screaming straight to the gym.  

And the hairdresser. 

As much as I have always loved the circle-tummy cards, what mom doesn't love a little pampering now and then, too?  If you've never made homemade spa treatments, think about doing a few this year with your own students.  Things like sugar scrubs, facial wipes, and bath salts are very easy to make and really work!  You can simply make them and give them as gifts OR you can turn it into a science lab and make it educational, too. 

I just finished putting together a science set to go along with our favorite homemade items... peach sugar scrub, peppermint facial wipes, and lavender fizzy bath salts.  It includes:

• teacher notes and directions
• student recording sheets
• scientific explanations
• sequential anchor charts
• and gift tags

I'm giving one of these sets away to one of my blog followers on FRIDAY! To be eligible to win (and in the spirit of Mother's Day), leave a comment below with:

• a special memory you recall with your own mom
• and your email address

A winner will be randomly chosen and announced this Friday... good luck!

And happy teaching!  :)

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