School's First Day of School

This story is adorable!  It's new from author Adam Rex and I just found it in Barnes & Noble the other day.  Have you seen it?

The school is actually the main character (which is an unexpected point of view).  He befriends a sweet man he calls "Janitor" who tries to help him understand what it means to be a school.  

School is nervous when Janitor tells him children will be arriving soon.  He isn't so sure he's going to like children, but he's willing to give them a chance.  And at first, as expected, School doesn't really like the kids.  They're loud and messy and sometimes grumpy.  But as the day goes on, School's feelings and opinions begin to change.  He visits with Janitor after the end of the first day and asks him if he'll invite all the children to come back the next day.  

Janitor nodded.  "I'll see what I can do."

I love the ending.  It's a feel-good teachery ending that will remind you that you have a special job in a special place. 

"In the beginning I didn't know what I was," said the school.  "I thought I was your house."

"Nope," said Janitor.

"I... I suppose some other place gets to be your house," the school added.

Janitor nodded.  "That's true.  But you get to be a school.  That's lucky."

Happy teaching!  :)

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