Inside the Inauguration

For most primary children, this year's presidential inauguration will be the first one they're old enough to experience and understand.  But picture books for young children on this topic are very sparse and it's hard to find resources that are age-appropriate for children in the primary grades.

I did run across a website tonight, though, that had several fun and engaging ideas for bringing the inauguration to life in your own classroom. The National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance has created an Inauguration Celebration Kit to help kids learn more about this event. It includes:

• nonfiction articles explaining the oath of office, the inaugural parade, and the reason the ceremony is always held on January 20th

• games and ideas for hands-on activities such as designing your own parade float and hosting an inaugural luncheon and ball ... this sounds so fun!

• discussion questions that promote critical thinking

• presidential and first lady fact files... and more.

You can check it out HERE.

Unfortunately, there is also very little on YouTube that I think will hold the attention of most primary children, but I did find this brief video from TFK Reporter Bridget Bernardo (TIME for Kids).  She's so cute and the kids she interviews do a great job of sharing their own thoughts about President Obama's inauguration.  I think the kids will be able to relate to them.    

So... I started doing my own research and created this set of materials for young readers. 

It includes and focuses on:

• a 9-page student book
• related key words such as address, cast, oath, incumbent, tallied, and inauguration
• student sheets to record prior knowledge, questions, and answers
• text-based comprehension questions, both literal and higher-level
• a template for drafting original inaugural speeches

YOUR TURN:  How do you plan on addressing the inauguration in your classroom?  Do you have other ideas or resources you're using?  Share in the comments below.  :) 

Happy teaching!

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