The Balanced Teacher: Part 3

Teachers... It's time to take your weekend back!  

(Unless you're one of the lucky ones who never gave it away. And, if so, tell us your secrets!)

In this video, I share the author's ideas for being intentional with your weekends, so you can rest and re-energize for the week ahead of you.  It's also about striking a balance between your professional life and your personal life, making time for yourself and your family and friends.  

Check it out and comment below:

1.  What do YOU do during the weekends?

2.  Do you PLAN your weekends or freestyle?

3.  What are some of your favorite family field trips?

I think it's so important to protect your weekends as much as is reasonable.  Let's get a conversation going and help each other out... share your experience and your best tips in the comments.

Happy teaching!

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