Line Leaders and Hallway Traffic

These little teddy bears are located throughout the K-1 hallways at my school.  They're a simple, but very visual, way to remind our line leaders when and where to stop on their way to and from the classroom.  It's an easy strategy for keeping the line from spreading out or getting too far away.  And because they're also located at corners (or intersections), they prevent classes from running into each other as they go different directions.

There are bears of every color.  This is really helpful at the beginning of the year when teaching the children routines.  If every bear was brown, it could be confusing. (Which brown bear does she want us to stop at?)  Given different colors, we can more easily say, "Please stop ahead at the red bear."  And then, "Go until you see the green bear."  

Do you do something like this at your school?

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  1. Andrea. I don't know if you will see but my daughter age 9 is reading your poem at Worcester competitive arts festival. She's working really hard. Any tips at all?


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