Rethinking An Old Anchor Chart

About a year ago, I saw this graphic at church and thought, "Oh, that's cool. That's exactly what we teach kids in school. I'm going to turn it into an anchor chart." 


But as I used it with children, I realized something. This train of thought isn't linear ... it's an ongoing circle. So I revised the chart. 

(Curvy arrows are a little harder to draw, but you get the point.)

SIDE NOTE: If you make the chart, I'd probably take the "s" off leads. The more I read it, the more I think it should be singular. I made it plural because I was thinking of "the process," but technically I guess it should be singular. (Your call.) 

Anyway, what was naturally happening was that with each good question, the kids were developing new ideas and THOSE new ideas were leading to more questions, which led to more ideas, and so on.

Thus, the circle.

👉TIP: The arrows are intentionally green because I want the kids to think "GO" ... keep going ... keep asking questions ... keep thinking ... keep forming new understandings.

So, happy chart making! 

...and don't forget about that s. 😬

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