No More Mentor Texts?

"Because texts don't mentor ... authors and illustrators do."
(Lisa Cleaveland)

I love this book ... and if you teach writing in a K-1 classroom, you should get this book, too. (Ask your principal. That's my answer to all the $$ questions.😉)

Teaching writing is a favorite of mine, so this book was really interesting to me and it got me thinking about how a small shift in our planning and delivery can make a big difference in children's growth and understanding.

Lisa suggests shifting the focus from mentor texts to mentor authors, because texts don't mentor people ... authors and illustrators do ... which makes it more like a relationship, helping kids create greater identities as book-makers. 

If you already love to teach writing, you'll be excited about new possibilities. If you don't like to teach writing, I really think this book will change that, and I think that's a big deal ... for you and your kids. She shares so many examples and stories, and the great part is they all look do-able ... like your kids could do what her kids are doing ... which is pretty refreshing, actually.

"When authors and illustrators are mentors, you teach students more about how to learn from their mentors than what to learn."

The only problem I have now is that I feel bad about all the blog posts I've ever written about great mentor texts. 😂 Oh well.  



Happy teaching! :)

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