About Me

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!  Two things you should probably know about me right off the bat:

1.  When I start talking, I can talk for a long time.

2.  And when I start writing, I tend to write a lot.  

It's just who I am.  My friends know this about me, so they're used to it. But you and I are new friends, so I thought I should be honest... my blog posts are sometimes long.  There.  I said it.  I promise to get better at this, though. Just stick with me.  :)

I'm a lifetime Floridian who recently moved to North Carolina.

We used to live here:

And do things like this:

And this:

But now we live here:

Which sometimes looks like this... BRRR!

And now we do things like this:

I've been teaching since 1991... mostly 1st grade, a little bit of 2nd grade, (ten horrible days in 4th grade), and four years as a literacy coach. My heart really belongs to primary children, so you'll notice most of my posts are written for teachers in grades K-3.  Reading and writing are my passion, but science is awesome and I'm often thinking about fun ways to bring them all together in really smart ways for kids.  You'll notice several of my posts are about teaching science, too... which I know is confusing, given the name of this blog.  

I knew one day I'd regret making the title of this blog so specific.  But it's too late now.  Let's just go with it. 

When I'm not working, I like to:

• play tennis
• go hiking and kayaking
• ride rollercoasters
• practice photography
• crochet (I'm kind of new at this.)
• and read

And these are some of my favorite things:

The most amazing natural sight I've ever seen is Niagara Falls!  It is breathtaking!  If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to add it to your travel list.

This is my favorite rollercoaster, mostly because of the music.  If you're ever at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, check out Aerosmith's Rock 'n Roller Coaster.  Dude Looks Like a Lady will never be more fun!

This is my favorite collection.  Shocking, I know.

But my favorite of all is right here!  This is my world.

My Favorite Children's Movie:  Mary Poppins

My Favorite Grown-Up Movies:  Pretty Woman & Maleficent

My Favorite Actress:  Julia Roberts

My Favorite Musical:  Wicked (amazing, amazing, amazing)

My Favorite Playlists:  Worship Songs & Country

My Favorite Food:  Potato Soup

My Favorite Season:  Summer

My Favorite Children's Author:  Mo Willems

My Favorite Dessert:  Key Lime Cheesecake

My Favorite Store in the Mall:  Barnes & Noble

So, I'm curious... do we have anything in common?  Leave a comment below.  I can't wait to get to know you!  :)


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