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From time to time, I add new contributors to our collaborative grade-level Pinterest boards.  Pinterest is a go-to resource for many educators, so protecting the integrity and usefulness of these boards is important to me.  If you would like your name added to our list of future collaborators, please read through these pinning guidelines first.  They are intended to benefit everyone by keeping the quality high and the content relevant.

Share only ONE PAID pin per day.

Include THREE FREE pins with your paid pin.  Our goal is for the majority of the board to contain free resources and ideas.

Avoid sharing the same pins within the same week.  Followers don't like to see content repeated over and over.  A variety of content is preferred.

Upload and/or choose pins that are clear, bright, and attractive.  Vertical pins tend to be more appealing than tiny, horizontal images.

Check your pins to make sure they link to the intended resource.  Please don't share "dead" pins that are out of date or no longer exist.

Interactivity is important on Pinterest.  Take a minute to comment on at least one pin each day.

NOTE:  Please understand pinners who are inactive or who are unable to support the goals we have for our boards may be removed.

If you'd like to join one of the collaborative grade-level boards, follow me on Pinterest and send me an email providing the following information:

• Your First and Last Name

• Your Pinterest URL and Name

• The Grade Level You Teach

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